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Stay Informed With Helpful Marketing Tips And Topics

5 Tips For Great Content

5 Tips on how to refresh your business website with great content

With the soaring prevalence of sites like PlayBuzz, Buzzfeed, and Cracked, one does not need to have the deduction powers of Sherlock to recognize that content is definitely indispensable for securing highest ranks in search engine results. Sure, design and media are essential too, but when it comes to interacting with the audience, content truly …

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2018 Google update: Character length of Meta description tag for SEO

Meta-tags are some of the most crucial components of SEO. Meta-tags are essentially HTML text snippets that illustrate the content of a page. Since they are coded into the page, they are neither visible on the web browser nor the page itself. The big update It seems like Google has huge arrangements under the pipeline …

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3 tips to choose a professional copywriter for your SEO campaign

SEO-friendly content plays a major role in optimizing a website for leading search engines like Google.  Your website pages will top in the list of search results if they are well-written. They will assist in bringing excellent traffic and sales. You can get great content for your website only when you have them written accurately …

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Why you should synergize your website with useful content?

When your customer comes to your website for the first time, they come looking for a solution to their problem or for the information they are searching for. And your content is the response for that. When a customer is spending time on your website or social media, good content will answer their question, establish …

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6 Things You Should Know Before Writing a Blog Post

Well, if you have a knack for creative writing, and that too in the domain of Internet writing, here is something especially for you. According to our expert writers, writing is an art, and it cannot be taught. But, there are few things that can transform your blog post from a good to a great …

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Consequences of copied content for businesses

While the concept of plagiarism or content theft has always been present, but with access to the Internet, it has become even more prevalent in the current day. With the help of various sources available online, anyone can copy and paste somebody else’s work and take acknowledgement for it. Although content fraud is more prevalent …