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Stay Informed With Helpful Marketing Tips And Topics

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The trillion dollar question: Is crypto really the future?

Only two years ago, a good majority of people had not heard of the word “cryptocurrency”. Cryptocurrency was not in the glare of publicity and was pretty much an alien concept for most people. But today, it has become a major player on the global stage and is endlessly sparking off a mainstream adoption. Let’s …

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4 Important Elements of Good Content

All sensible marketers know content is all about providing value. And, in digital world, it means two things – the value the audience gets by reading or viewing what your brand has created, and the value they get by circulating it more and more. The four important elements of good content include Entertainment, Information, Monetary …

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Seven Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid: A Newbie’s Guide

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Your dental website can be your new patient conversion machine

The popular Internet saying “Content is King” still applies today and is relevant to all kinds of industries. And dental practice is no exception here. When a prospective patient arrives at your website, they want to know one thing. “Is this the right dentist for curing my dental issue?”  As an owner of a dental …


Professional copywriters are the new salespeople in 2018

The assistance to single out between products is what edges customers towards making a purchase. When they have the information they require, customers feel at ease parting with their money.Online merchants are perfectly plugged-in on this and that’s why they’re always on the lookout for the right style and vernacular to use in order to …

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Want to Increase Traffic to Your Tours and Travels Site? Try Focusing on the Blogs

The progression of content marketing has had a pronounced effect on the travel industry and now become one of the essential tools for any tourism business. The Internet plays a salient part right from the instant people set on foot to plan their holidays, and blogs as a part of content marketing strategies are particularly …

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Five stages of successful copywriting – from Concepts to Analytics

Copywriting is an integral component of content marketing and some would even go so far as to say that it is a focal element of overall marketing strategies. But why is that? What is it about copywriting that compels business owners around the world? Why are marketers shelling out millions of dollars into engaging copywriting …

5 Tips For Great Content

5 Tips on how to refresh your business website with great content

With the soaring prevalence of sites like PlayBuzz, Buzzfeed, and Cracked, one does not need to have the deduction powers of Sherlock to recognize that content is definitely indispensable for securing highest ranks in search engine results. Sure, design and media are essential too, but when it comes to interacting with the audience, content truly …

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2018 Google update: Character length of Meta description tag for SEO

Meta-tags are some of the most crucial components of SEO. Meta-tags are essentially HTML text snippets that illustrate the content of a page. Since they are coded into the page, they are neither visible on the web browser nor the page itself. The big update It seems like Google has huge arrangements under the pipeline …

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3 tips to choose a professional copywriter for your SEO campaign

SEO-friendly content plays a major role in optimizing a website for leading search engines like Google.  Your website pages will top in the list of search results if they are well-written. They will assist in bringing excellent traffic and sales. You can get great content for your website only when you have them written accurately …