IGTV vs. YouTube – The race to the top

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IGTV vs. YouTube – The race to the top

Twenty-eight years old Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known by his stage name PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTube personality who produces gameplays, parodies, vlogs and comedy sketches on the video streaming platform to an audience of more than 64 MILLION!

What makes him a successful content creator?

The secret sauce

Sure, being relatable, engaging and entertaining matters a lot. But being a successful content creator in 2018 has to do with a lot more than that. It’s about creating a brand and choosing the right platform to do that. This is where YouTube – as a video streaming platform – really excels.

The reach and dominance of YouTube are perfect for creating a ripple effect and gain a worldwide accessibility. No to mention the platform also has befitting mechanisms, accessible stats, and a lucrative monetization model. Basically, it has all the things a content creator really needs to be more successful by the day.

Plenty of fish in the sea

But, of course, being a content creator means creating content on multiple platforms. It’s no doubt that YouTube is where the most traffic is but there are other platforms that a creator needs to be on as well. After all, it makes more sense to not put all your eggs in one basket. That’s not to say that YouTube is doomed or that it’s going to collapse any day now. It’s too huge to simply collapse. But it’s safe to say that it can’t be on top forever.

There are companies attempting to be better than YouTube and take a piece of the pie. While platforms like Periscope, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Facebook with its Facebook videos tried and failed, there’s one platform that can give YouTube a serious run for its money. We’re, of course, talking about Instagram.

The biggest fish!

Tens of millions of Instagram personalities were already bringing in millions of viewers off of Instagram. And now with the launch of Instagram TV or IGTV, things are looking even better for creators on the social platform. IGTV is the new place for hour-long videos to live on Instagram’s explore page and in a different app. But it’s no fun little addition to Instagram’s existing video tools – Instagram live and stories.

This shift for Instagram is a blatant attempt to directly go head to head with YouTube. Particularly, IGTV is looking to cash in on the boom of these “web celebrities”, newfound internet sensations making their fame on media platforms alone.

Can IGTV be on the top?

First of all, Instagram has 1 billion users. That’s 1 billion people who can immediately discover IGTV! This is definitely an advantage for creators. But the reach doesn’t seem to support the platform much.


The center of attention of IGTV is on experience before monetization. Makes sense – participation and activation have always been top priorities for Instagram. Having said that, monetization is the top priority for creators, which IGTV is devoid of for now. Add to that hazy ad sponsorship on Instagram, and you have a platform that’s a big no for creators who want actual, hard cash.

The perfect balance

It seems unlikely that IGTV can replace YouTube as a “video app” for creators. Of course, it has the potential and the reach, the search functions are uncluttered and the algorithms are in place as well. But for the time being, it’s no match for the YouTube’s income model, which currently allows some users to earn $100,000/month!

For content creators, IGTV is more suitable as a complementary platform rather than a substitute to YouTube. The reach of Instagram coupled with the monetization design of YouTube, when made the most of, can transform any content creator into a content entrepreneur.

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