Marketing your clothing business with content during Halloween

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Marketing your clothing business with content during Halloween

Celebrations and holidays are a perfect time for every online retailer to get creative with a seasonal marketing campaign; and when talking about the e-commerce netscape, it is hard to come up with a better fit with content marketing than fashion. Now, with Halloween right around the corner, it would be a shame if your online fashion business failed to seize the golden opportunity to get experimental in getting hold of your audience’s attention and eventually driving up your sales through your content marketing campaign.

Halloween is all about candies, scary stuff, and COSTUMES! Your audience is already looking ahead to the unexpected so why are not leveraging it? If you are not in the Halloween spirit yet, here are two sure-fire ways to target your upcoming content to one of the most beloved holidays.

Host a costume contest

What better way to create hype and drive traffic to your business site than running a Halloween costume contest on your business’s social media handles and have people send in photos of them in a costume? Have a poll and let your fans decide who won or pick the winner(s) yourself. You can also motivate customers with prizes such as exclusive clothing from your brand.

Whether you host the contest on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, a costume contest will surely generate tons of excitement and engagement! You can take the engagement a little further by encouraging your employees to enter the contest as well.

Put together a guide

Why not put together a guide for Halloween on your website and social media pages? You could translate this idea into something like “Spooky costume ideas for girls”, “How to scare your friends with these Halloween dresses?” or “DIY Halloween dress ideas”.

During Halloween, your business can be as crazy, spooky or strange with your content marketing campaign. Yes, these ideas do not directly relate to sales and that is kind of the point with this type of marketing. Content marketing is uncompromisingly customer focused and the emphasis is on engaging with your customers: and this communication is apparently not aimed at directly selling your products to your customers. Likewise, the aim of incorporating these concepts into your content marketing strategy is to build customer loyalty, which in turn, will shoot up your metrics at a rate that could only be described as “spooky.”

Your business may or may not make a killing from the “Halloween” sales, but it will definitely benefit from the attention that surrounds the holiday – which will do wonders for your long-term success.

Confused on where to start? Don’t worry! Our team of expert writers at ContentRecyclers can help you design and implement your content marketing strategies for this Halloween. We know when and what your audience wants, and with that insight we will create clever, intriguing and relevant content pieces (whether they be blog posts, articles, social media posts, product descriptions, newsletters), to help your online fashion business get more leads and traffic than businesses that fail to implement such marketing strategies whatsoever.

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