7 tips to make your product descriptions ready for the holiday season

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7 tips to make your product descriptions ready for the holiday season

The holiday season comes around quickly each year, and shoppers are bombarded by a sea of products. From beauty supplies to toys, the selection of gifts for friends and family seem to have no end. So how does your online business make its products stand out from the competition?

Rather than offering big discounts in an attempt to grow your e-commerce sales organically this holiday season, why not consider playing up your product descriptions? After all, holiday shoppers are willing to put their money where their heart is. So, give them a good reason to buy your product rather than just its specifications. The question, however, is how to start.

Here are some convincing ways on how you can go about writing good product descriptions.

  • Identify your audience

How and what you write depends on who you intend to sell to. Identifying your target audience is the first step in writing good product descriptions. Spend time digging into your potential target market and people who might purchase your product – and then make the descriptions more appealing by determining the benefits that will appeal to them.

You may also want to avoid using technical terms that only a specific market will understand. Since you are speaking to multiple audiences, use terms that will appeal to every person checking your product.

  • Interesting without fanfare

Once you have identified your buyer, put your feet in their shoes and ask yourself ‘What’s in store for me?” Your goal is to help your visitors learn about your product features, benefits and/or applications by drawing them a compelling mental picture of your product.

While it makes sense to use descriptive words and phrases, using words like excellent, one of a kind, the best of its kind and top quality will not provide much descriptive value. Nothing can be more boring than kilometric sentences stuffed with unnecessary fillers, especially overused adjectives.

  • Keep it clean

Adapt to an easy-on-eyes and clutter-free format so visitors to your store can quickly scan through product details. You may also want to use short, clear-cut words to highlight the features of your product. Your visitors will appreciate bite-sized information more than a block of big words.

  • Create desire

Unlike in a physical store where practically everything on the rack can be touched and tested, your product can only be viewed on your website, which makes it hard for shoppers to decide whether to buy it or not.

Listing the primary benefits and highlighting the features in a readable and creative manner is not going to be sufficient to engage the visitors and turn them into paying customers. Instead, you will need to use sensory words which breathe life into your product and put together a good story, so your visitors can experience the product by simply reading about it.

  • Include a picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not leverage this to your advantage? A picture always draws instant attention. Though not all images display key features of products, a good picture always helps a great deal.

  • Make the price clear

The price is an all-important factor that persuades the visitor to finally buy the product. So, after describing the product, make sure its price is easy to find. There is no need to display the price in a flashy manner, but make it bold enough with no hidden components involved. If local taxes and shipping charges apply, say so. If the product is cheaper than the competition, highlight this aspect prominently.

  • The call for action

Your end objective in writing product descriptions is to sell the product. Conclude your text with a call for action that will motivate your visitors to make a purchase. Use phrases like, “early Christmas discounts” or “take advantage of this limited Holiday discount offer” or “free shipping if you order within the next 24 hours.”

Sales-generating product descriptions in your online store catalogs will certainly give your online business a “leg up” on the competition. Product descriptions that are engaging, clear, and hit the reader’s emotional hot buttons will compel the reader to act, in other words, buy your product.

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