4 Important Elements of Good Content

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4 Important Elements of Good Content

All sensible marketers know content is all about providing value. And, in digital world, it means two things – the value the audience gets by reading or viewing what your brand has created, and the value they get by circulating it more and more. The four important elements of good content include Entertainment, Information, Monetary and Utility.

Here, we will discuss them in more details.


Any content can be rated as great only when it amuses or entertains the public. For example – online videos or crisp catchy engaging short messages are more in demand these days. Online visitors are more interested to read brief, engaging and entertaining content. So, make your stories crisp and lucid. The visitors will take interest to read what you want to say.


Content is considered great only when it is informative.  For example – B2B brands posses a wide range of pages on their website. They do this as they want to convey right information about their products and services. They also use facts and figures, advocacy content and infographics to engage customers in a better way. The digital marketing experts recommend sharing information that users look for while searching for your kind of products or services.


The audience has become very choosy today. They are more interested to read valuable content – means they want to read text that offers them monetary value. They look for special offers, coupons, vouchers, incentives and competitions. So, while you are rolling out offers, you should include monetary discounts so that visitors will take interest in your products or services.


Utility content is content that helps consumers to do or accomplish something useful. This type of content is for brands that focus on customers’ journey. If they are able to detect the problem that is stopping customers from buying their products, utility content can help them overcome those difficulties.

So, you can see how a piece of content that has the important elements; entertainment, utility, monetary and information can help you in gaining strong online presence and customer loyalty.

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